Contracting: Customizing imbalance risk

Of the many new features in the latest release of VALTAA – also recently implemented at Uniper Belgium – we are proud to highlight the option to include customer nominations in contract definitions.

You and your large-scale energy consuming customers benefit from energy contracts that offer more segmented price constructions than residential, linear contracts. Among the many parameters included in such contracts, one of the extra options in VALTAA now allows your customers to provide their own day-ahead nomination reports.

Since they are experts in their production schemes, many of the industrial customers are able to deliver more accurate forecasts of their day-ahead energy consumption than you can. This makes them better equipped to carry the imbalance risk.

By transferring the imbalance risk to your customer, you can offer more competitive prices and increase your profit margin. In other words, you can create more customized energy offers by linking low pricing to your customer’s forecasting accuracy.

Other features of VALTAA include:

  service fees billing module
  integrated user manual

  an extended user roles & rights model
  ex-post and ex-ante click attribution
  hedges per PTU or with flexible block definitions


For more information, please contact Michiel Kuiper +31 6 2602 8130

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