Contract-2-bill: complying with local tax legislation

When operating in multiple countries, differences in legal- and tax regimes can be quite a challenge. 

First, you want to send out invoices that are compliant with local tax legislation in order to avoid penalties. And second, you aim at sending out invoices that facilitate your commercial and industrial clients in benefitting from fiscal advantages. Question is, in a highly differentiated European landscape… to manage the wide range of country-specific tax schemes, now and in the future?

We use VALTAA’s automated contract-2-bill process, including multi-country compliancy checks, to auto-customize your client’s invoice to their local situation. For example, to apply sector specific tax reductions or to comply with green-energy legislation. We’ll update this process whenever existing schemes change or new regulations are adopted.

Next to mitigating compliancy risks, using one single infrastructure to manage the lead-2-cash processes at your different national offices will increase operational uniformity and efficiency.


For more information about our online service VALTAA, please contact Michiel Kuiper +31 6 2602 8130

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