Manage the Mutation

Of the many new features in the latest release of VALTAA, we are proud to highlight:

Contract mutations require close management. Not only does this take time, due to the scale on which these activities take place minor mistakes in activities such as adding EANs, breaching sales contracts or processing customer switches can also have a massive financial impact.

To reduce the financial implications of these mistakes, one of the focus areas of the latest release of VALTAA is automated administration & market messaging of contract mutations. Via close validation and automated cross-checks, we have speeded up the process while decreasing the risk of incorrect billing.

Putting sourcing in line with supply

An important extra is that, with an up-to-date contract administration you are also much better able to put sourcing in line with supply. For example, even in case of a client bankruptcy mutation, forecasts are being adjusted automatically without waiting for a market message. This, way you can directly source the difference.

Other interesting features of VALTAA include a service fees billing module, an integrated user manual, an extended user roles & rights model, Ex-post and ex-ante click attribution and hedges per PTU or with flexible block definitions.

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