Pricing – automatically controlling margins for commercial manoeuvres

In the process of closing energy deals with non-residential customers sales wants to move forward…

… while portfolio management has good reasons to check and double-check the operational and financial implications of their energy offers. VALTAA helps you to close this gap.


Offering complex energy contracts

In today’s energy market, one does no longer compete on price alone. To grow your customer base, sales wants to be able to offer energy contracts that match with the more complex needs of large energy users (for example, multi-site contracts or contracts that differentiate on open volume, hedged volume or forecasted volume).

To move forward the sales momentum, it is equally important to speed up the process of forecasting the financial implications (or opportunities!) of deals offered by sales.


Generate automated but substantiated go’s for competitive energy offers

VALTAA enables you to create customized energy contracts composed of standardized pricing components. By using these standardized components, portfolio management can automatically control the margin for commercial manoeuvres in advance which makes (time-consuming) human validation of new contracts no longer mandatory.

Plus, no matter the complexity of the overall contract, these standarized components secure deliverability and invoiceability. Both add up to the long-term operational success of your energy business.


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