Webinar: Where and how to execute optimization strategies?

Providing practical knowledge to industrial energy users on the how of energy optimization

Built upon the use case of the planning optimization of a steam boiler (which can be illustrative for other energy generating asset), we share various examples of applying strategies that are both ambitious and feasible to execute without additional investments in energy related assets.


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See below a preview of the examples discussed.


The importance of structuring data according to your site topology

The speakers kick off with looking into the data organization for a fictional production site with 2 steam boilers. This example showes the relationship between organizing your data on site topology and a succesful connection of your internal to your external planning.






How to determine the size & location of your optimization potential?

As of 9.00 min, two new examples are introduced on asset planning. These two examples explain step-by-step how increased accuracy in demand planning and imbalance forecast result in an optimized asset planning.




Operationalize in order to monetize

Fast forward to 20.00 min to learn about the relevance of using pre-defined scenarios in order to realize your optimization potential. The speakers explain the above by looking at a fictional situation in which the spot prices for the next day cross a threshold.





In this webinar, you will:

 Learn about the data pre-conditions for locating optimisation potential?
 Understand how to determine the location, size and availability of your optimisation potential
 Learn how to use pre-defined scenarios to offset your optimisation against their costs / your production targets

 Learn how to enable your operational staff to act in line with your strategy
 Understand how to continuously improve your production & (multi-utility) energy planning


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Or read our Guide for Commercial & Industrial Energy users explaining the key parameters for a efficient & optimized energy operation step by step.



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