Fresh energy minds

The Fresh Energy Minds 

Our previous Junior Consultants that started here are looking back at what for most of them has been their first professional encounter with the energy industry.

We were keen to hear about their experiences so far, so we organized a group session last week. But, besides looking back, we asked them about the future. What will the energy transition be like, and which role is there for Energy21?


Energy21 in the 21st century

Nicola Zanardi sees the big energy players wanting and needing to change in order to survive. He looks forward to working on interesting projects in which he can help guide them towards their new role in the energy system. Wouter Kramer agrees and believes that data will play a key role in this transition. He sees Energy21 as a data-enabler – we will enable companies to organize and understand their data so that they can make data-driven decisions.

Samuel Schöffer adds that when it comes to the further digitization of the industry, we can and should bridge the gap between technical possibilities and the energy system. With our knowledge of the energy market, this is where our added value is. “Tech is developing faster than the adaptability of governments and big utilities. Instead of following them, Energy21’s role is to show energy players the way forward”, stresses Tom Rooijakkers.

With this being said, we can only conclude we have made a clever move hiring these guys, as their thoughts and ambitions can contribute to the things we do at Energy21.


What about the next group?

Next year, we hope to welcome a new group of Juniors. Would you be interested to join our company? We will ensure your start is as successful as possible. To enable you to develop quickly, our aim is to have you work with at least two large clients in the first year. In addition, you will complete a number of courses, depending on your prior education and interests.

In fact, the first year is comparable to a traineeship. However, we regard our Juniors as full-fledged colleagues; we give you a great deal of responsibility from the start.

Naturally, you will not do all this alone. As a Junior, you will always work closely with experienced colleagues. Together, you will translate problems into workable processes, process improvements and corresponding systems. After an advisory phase, you will also be involved in the implementation process of our software services.

Interested to become a Junior Energy Consultant at Energy21?

Read the interview with two of our other (former) Junior Consultants. You can also contact us for more information: or call us at +31 (0)30 670 6660.


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