Free EBASE Worksheet for Quants: a data fixing multi-tool

Reduce time spent on fixing input data and fully focus on the art of model development and analysis

Quantitative analysis and model-based business processes have become an integral part of commercially optimized energy operations. Especially ad-hoc or project-based quantitative analysis typically involves manipulation, transformation and cleansing of data in different kind of formats and file dumps.

It is estimated that quants / analysts spend almost 80% of their time on this “data fixing” activities, leaving only 20% of time to be effectively used on modelling and analysis itself.

EBASE Worksheet SE: a data fixing multi-tool

With EBASE Worksheet, time spent on data fixing is reduced substantially as it enables you to efficiently process and/or manipulate large (numbers of) files. 

EBASE Worksheet SE is the perfect tool for ad hoc analyses and data intensive activities that would otherwise take an inordinate amount of time.

Even without the underlying database and the energy market functionality, it can be used for processing and manipulating large (numbers of) files, generating reports or the creation of PoCs. The intuitive scripting language makes it a valuable part of my toolbox.

Joris Oostelbos – Solution Architect at Le Blanc Advies

EBASE Worksheet SE: it’s free!

As a module of our EBASE energy data management solution, Worksheet is mainly used by enterprise key-users and implementation professionals. But especially for analysts and quants, Energy21 now introduces the Special Edition (SE) of EBASE Worksheet as a free download: EBASE Worksheet SE.

 Large data sets (file sizes up to gigabytes) can be visually manipulated with a high performance

 Create clean data files for modelling and analysis tools like MatLab and R.

 The internal EBASE Script language allows for extended automation

 Our EBASE Worksheet SE application is fit for Windows 64bit



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