BRP Market Access / API-based Web Services

Our new BRP Market Access solution that matches with the innovative character of your energy business

We see new parties entering the Power Balancing market that wish to integrate BRP functionalities and data directly into their applications. Based on the size and character of their portfolio, they do not require a standard, full stack solution to handle their BRP obligations.


BRP Market Access / API-based Web Services

At Energy21, we aim to match our data management solutions with the innovative character of our clients’ energy businesses. We are proud to have recently welcomed our first customer that is accessing their BRP data and energy data management functionalities via our API-based web services.

These services cover all required market processes such as nominations, register management, allocation, settlement and reconciliation. For example, in the Netherlands these services include direct market communication with EDSN, grid operators and TenneT.


Benefits of using the Energy21 API-based web services

Market access

 Guaranteed correct fulfillment of your BRP market obligations
 Use 1 standard web technology (JSON Web API’s) that is compliant with sector releases
 Technical certification included

Software architecture

 No system upgrades or updates required
 Integrate web services with your autonomously designed applications
 Combine various 3rd party web services


 Link costs to the size of your business
 Existing library can be used with no upfront investments


 Benefit from extras such as APX forecasts, allocation completeness check, etc.


Interested to hear more? 

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