Pricing – automatically controlling margins for commercial manoeuvres

In the process of closing energy deals with non-residential customers sales wants to move forward…

… while portfolio management has good reasons to check and double-check the operational and financial implications of their energy offers. VALTAA helps you to close this gap.


Offering complex energy contracts

In today’s energy market, one does no longer compete on price alone. To grow your customer base, sales wants to be able to offer energy contracts that match with the more complex needs of large energy users (for example, multi-site contracts or contracts that differentiate on open volume, hedged volume or forecasted volume).

To move forward the sales momentum, it is equally important to speed up the process of forecasting the financial implications (or opportunities!) of deals offered by sales.


Generate automated but substantiated go’s for competitive energy offers

VALTAA enables you to create customized energy contracts composed of standardized pricing components. By using these standardized components, portfolio management can automatically control the margin for commercial manoeuvres in advance which makes (time-consuming) human validation of new contracts no longer mandatory.

Plus, no matter the complexity of the overall contract, these standarized components secure deliverability and invoiceability. Both add up to the long-term operational success of your energy business.


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Contracting: Customizing imbalance risk

Of the many new features in the latest release of VALTAA – also recently implemented at Uniper Belgium – we are proud to highlight the option to include customer nominations in contract definitions.

You and your large-scale energy consuming customers benefit from energy contracts that offer more segmented price constructions than residential, linear contracts. Among the many parameters included in such contracts, one of the extra options in VALTAA now allows your customers to provide their own day-ahead nomination reports.

Since they are experts in their production schemes, many of the industrial customers are able to deliver more accurate forecasts of their day-ahead energy consumption than you can. This makes them better equipped to carry the imbalance risk.

By transferring the imbalance risk to your customer, you can offer more competitive prices and increase your profit margin. In other words, you can create more customized energy offers by linking low pricing to your customer’s forecasting accuracy.

Other features of VALTAA include:

  service fees billing module
  integrated user manual

  an extended user roles & rights model
  ex-post and ex-ante click attribution
  hedges per PTU or with flexible block definitions


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Contract-2-bill: complying with local tax legislation

When operating in multiple countries, differences in legal- and tax regimes can be quite a challenge. 

First, you want to send out invoices that are compliant with local tax legislation in order to avoid penalties. And second, you aim at sending out invoices that facilitate your commercial and industrial clients in benefitting from fiscal advantages. Question is, in a highly differentiated European landscape… to manage the wide range of country-specific tax schemes, now and in the future?

We use VALTAA’s automated contract-2-bill process, including multi-country compliancy checks, to auto-customize your client’s invoice to their local situation. For example, to apply sector specific tax reductions or to comply with green-energy legislation. We’ll update this process whenever existing schemes change or new regulations are adopted.

Next to mitigating compliancy risks, using one single infrastructure to manage the lead-2-cash processes at your different national offices will increase operational uniformity and efficiency.


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Manage the Mutation

Of the many new features in the latest release of VALTAA, we are proud to highlight:

Contract mutations require close management. Not only does this take time, due to the scale on which these activities take place minor mistakes in activities such as adding EANs, breaching sales contracts or processing customer switches can also have a massive financial impact.

To reduce the financial implications of these mistakes, one of the focus areas of the latest release of VALTAA is automated administration & market messaging of contract mutations. Via close validation and automated cross-checks, we have speeded up the process while decreasing the risk of incorrect billing.

Putting sourcing in line with supply

An important extra is that, with an up-to-date contract administration you are also much better able to put sourcing in line with supply. For example, even in case of a client bankruptcy mutation, forecasts are being adjusted automatically without waiting for a market message. This, way you can directly source the difference.

Other interesting features of VALTAA include a service fees billing module, an integrated user manual, an extended user roles & rights model, Ex-post and ex-ante click attribution and hedges per PTU or with flexible block definitions.

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