Streamlining data-intensive energy processes

EBASE Energy Data Management

With EBASE you are able to automate your data-intensive energy processes and modulate complex business rules, data structures and workflows.

Whether you’re a utility or large-scale energy user, we use EBASE to create a transparent overview and risk analysis of your financial accountability, operational responsibilities and energy optimization.

This provides you with a clear overview of your options and their consequences, enabling you to make substantiated business decisions.

Standardized online service with tailor-made functionality
Also available as additional on-premise solution
Multi-utility (incl. power, gas, steam and technical gases)
Actionable dashboards, alerts and plug-in applications
Supporting 1-sec-data to yearly readings
Built-in market compliancy
Highly customizable solution
Scale up to tens of millions of time series
ISO 9001 & 27001 certified

Commercial or industrial energy user?
Check our Energy21 Guide distinguishing the key parameters for a regulatory compliant, automated and optimized energy operation.

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