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your energy business

The energy transition spurs structural changes in business operations.
Embrace change and become part of the solution.


Due to the scale and nature of energy consumption, the industrial sector plays a crucial role in the energy transition. The sector is forced to rethink its energy business. But if the sector embraces the inevitability to change,  risk turns into opportunity.

Based on more than 21 years of expertise derived from the energy market, our practice engineers sustainable energy ecosystems for the energy intensive industry.

Alex Trijselaar Product Manager Industry Solutions

How we can help
the energy intensive industry

Every utility organization has its own set of unique needs.
Here is a summary of what we can do for you:

  • Implement digital solutions for future proof industrial energy management
  • Define best-practice processes for energy procurement, energy balancing and internal grid management.
  • Analyse the impact of energy system changes on operations

With an engineering background and a tech-agnostic approach we cover a broad range of solutions fit for the energy intensive industry. Talk to one of our industry experts to learn more about any technical questions you might have or find out more about our energy intensive industry practice via the related article section.

Energy business
processes we support

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    Optimise to make or buy and ensure grid balance while adding more renewable sources

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    Collect, validate and process vast amounts of measurement data while adhering to market standards

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    Procurement/ Portfolio management

    Manage energy demand forecasts, procured volumes and open positions

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    Grid management

    Secure grid reliability with asset optimization and ensure correct settlement of grid fees

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    Further integrate in the energy system by fully complying to complex market processes

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    Automate required reporting on efficiency, procurement, emissions and other energy aspects