Control complexity and seize opportunities


The energy complexity of your business processes comes with extra risks & responsibilities. Yet, it also creates optimization opportunities. Based on 20 years of experience, we help to control the first and seize the second.

Energy21 can design, implement and run your energy- and utility management, enabling you to apply optimization strategies that are both ambitious and feasible to execute without additional investments in energy related assets.

This will help you to reduce your energy usage and costs, optimize & connect your utility processes, increase flexibility and lower your carbon footprint.

Client story

Reaching CDS compliancy standards while optimizing multi-utility interconnectedness

The value of reducing excess steam

A medium sized plant with 30 ton / hr production could save €369,000 / year from literally disappearing into thin air while decreasing their CO2 footprint.

4 key parameters

Optimized energy operation

We distinguish 4 key parameters for an optimized energy operation. Scroll down to take a deeper dive and read about what we do to help you reach your goals.

1. Data organization

Can you collect, trust and understand your data?

It is one thing to ensure all your collected data is correct, reliable and free of discrepancies. Yet, in order to fully understand your data, we perform two other essential exercises: organizing your data on site-topology and creating a connection between your internal and external planning. This way, we establish your energy data landscape.


  • Master data management
  • Collect meter readings
  • Quantitative validation
  • Data completion & corrections
  • Visualization & analytics

The value of flex on the imbalance market

A medium sized industrial site with 10 MW of flexibility could have created power revenues of €430,000 while supporting stability of the grid.

Updated compliancy directives CDS network tariffs – now what?

In-depth article: Consequences of the recent decree of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)

2. Financial & Regulative Accountability

Do your numbers match?

Your energy landscape needs to be transparent. Whether it is ISO 50.001 certification, energy saving reporting or CDS regulation, we enable you to make sure your numbers match and generate reports to proof this. We are experts when it comes to compliancy regulation and help you to control the associated risks.


  • Market processes
  • Fluent settlement & imbalance allocation
  • Efficient sourcing strategy & supply obligation fulfilment
  • Transparent internal cost structures
  • Closed Distribution System incl. 3rd party access:
    • Regulation & Tax Compliancy
    • Manage grid user contracts & tariffs
    • Correct billing

3. Operational Responsibility

Are you meeting your production targets?

Energy savings should never jeopardize production targets. Insight in energy consumption and production is key to ensuring a reliable supply. Furthermore, we help you forecast your energy consumption on long, mid and short term, allowing you to procure energy at the best price possible in order to maximize your production margins.


  • Asset Planning
  • Grid Capacity Planning
  • Short-term forecasting of demand and supply
  • Correct positioning of obligations and assets
  • Maintenance Planning

Webinar: the HOW of energy optimization

Built upon a use case of the planning optimization of a fictional production site with 2 steam boilers, this webinar get’s you started step by step.

We have created software that supports all 4 parameters

Our software solution EBASE will help you realize your optimization ambitions.

4. Sourcing & Production Optimization

What is your next big saving?

Mapping energy data according to site topology and linking these to production information creates insights that enable you to save energy, connect other utility processes (steam,industrial gases,etc.) and improve individual planning in order to optimize the overall operation of your plant.


  • Continuous improvement of production & multi-utility energy planning
  • Pre-define operational scenarios
  • Commercial dispatch
  • Analyse the financial potential of flexibility
  • Monitor carbon footprint
  • Connect energy and production processes


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