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Layered Energy System (LES)

Layered Energy System: exploring a new energy market model

Our energy market model works top-down and centralistic: from production (via transmission and distribution) to consumption. But prosumers proof that this model is no longer fit-for-purpose. The model is not designed for end-users with solar panels feeding-in their surplus of energy back into the network (bottom-up). If we want to adapt more renewable sources, we need to answer some questions urgently.

A local energy community

A very important question regarding a (new) sustainable energy ecosystem is: how can local energy communities contribute to our energy system? Distributed generation and flexibility are part of the cause as well as the solution to the challenges the energy system faces. Demand-response by aggregators is currently not very attractive for the owners of flexibility (the end-user). And it is not scalable in the long run. At the same time, local communities of end-users are founded and experiment with energy sharing, flexibility and with distributed network technologies (like blockchain). We believe that this system-averse social trend is an important factor in the energy transition.

Layered Energy System (LES)

In close cooperation with the Dutch distribution grid operator Stedin, Energy21 developed the Layered Energy System (LES). In an earlier phase we explored the concept of local energy communities and local markets. Now, we have described more detailed the mechanics and roles of stakeholders in a Layered Energy System. We believe that the concept of LES provides a feasible elaboration of the “Citizens Energy Community” as mentioned in the EU Clean energy package.
LES offers insights and possible solutions to stakeholders’ issues moving towards a sustainable energy ecosystem. Energy21 is proud to present the LES Whitepaper and continues to discuss the topic with all stakeholders in the energy ecosystem.

Would you like to know more about the Layered Energy System?

For more information, please contact Michiel Dorresteijn (Projectlead Market Analysis & Blockchain Technology)
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