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A day in the life of… Adam Alverbäck, energy systems engineer

Energy Systems Engineer
When you first joined

Adam, you worked in a client team for our Balancing practice for 1,5 years. The team services clients and manages a diverse range of projects for a small number of clients. What were the main activities of your role? Adam: “I dedicated most of my time to analyze defects or possible incidents and responded accordingly. Some working days were more hectic than others. How hectic a normal working day can be, depends on the number of projects running, possible incidents or defects on critical business processes.”

A diverse range of projects

Adam also worked on a project for a Dutch DSO on the Layered Energy System. “The DSO project was very exciting as it has a more Research & Development character. We worked with explorative software on a decentralized energy community – meant to improve the energy system. This is where I feel that I can contribute to the energy transition, moving towards more renewable energy sources on the grid.” Adam recently joined a new team fully dedicated to a large industrial consumer in Belgium. Adam about his new role: “The direct focus of my work in this team is more IT-related than it feels related to the energy transition. I expect to develop more tailored software solutions, specifically adjusted to the site topography of our industrial consumer, which is also nice.”

The Dynamics of the energy market asks for a flexible attitude

As an employee, you do need to have a flexible attitude. Faced by the dynamics of the energy market, we notice that long-term planning can be challenging. “People switch between teams depending on the projects that run at that time”, says Adam. “It is a great way to experience the wide range of activities with different technologies and solution domains, but you do need to be able to continuously adapt and it is not set in stone what your next week is looking like.”

What brought working at Energy21 until so far?

Working at Energy21 allows you to gain knowledge on a broad spectrum of the energy market. Adam: “My background, MSc of Energy Systems Engineering, helped me to gain insights on different market roles. At Energy21 I additionally learned how energy market processes and market roles work and interact with each other. Specifically when looking at the role of Balance Responsible Parties (BRP’s) and Distribution System Operators (DSO’s).”

Any closing thoughts?

In my current role, you need to be interested in writing structured and modular clean code. Experience with a scripting language such as Python, Node.js or visual basic is a plus. My 5 years of experience in software development proved to be very relevant. I like working at Energy21. It is a company that cares about its employees and I appreciate the happy atmosphere with many helpful colleagues.