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Starting your career at Energy21 as Junior Consultant

Interview with Consultants Kyo & Pepijn – An impression of a career path at Energy21

“Why the energy sector?!” asks Kyo, like there is no question about it. “This market is, like no other, forced to re-think it all. The energy market is in transition to a sustainable model and that requires a new way of thinking. We are future-proofing the energy market!”

Kyo Beyeler and Pepijn Elshof started their career at Energy21 as Junior Consultant in 2017. Both were already interested in the energy market while studying. Kyo studied Physics, Pepijn combined Mechinal Engineering with Energy Science.

Logic and creative problem solving

The energy sector faces many challenges to become future ready. “There are many  possibilities in solving challenges of energy stakeholders, not just a single one. That means you can and should be creative in offering a possible solution” says Kyo. “There is no blueprint, you need to figure out yourself how you can best progress”. Pepijn also feels at home in this world: “I like solving problems with logic, whether they are big or small”.

Balance between IT and energy consultancy

During his studies, Pepijn learned to make models and got hooked on Matlab. He was looking for a job in the energy sector that combines IT with consultancy and found that match at Energy21. As a Junior Consultant at Energy21, you immediately work with and at the customer. You are involved from problem analysis to technical design and implementation. That means you get to understand why the client requests a specific solution and how it is going to be used. “You quickly learn which problems are a real issue and how you can advice customers in early stages.”

Taking ownership

As a Junior Consultant, you are a full-fledged colleague from right from the start. “You learn to take on work yourself and discuss the right course with a senior colleague. My senior colleague is my ‘back-up’”, Kyo explains. “You have to get used to a new level of responsibility. At college, a lot is taken care of and it is very clear how your results are measured. Energy21 encourages you to take ownership yourself.”

The other side of the energy landscape

After a couple assignments at Balancing Responsible Parties and Suppliers, both were heading to Antwerp to work for a large industrial client. “That is the other spectrum of the energy landscape”, says Pepijn, “but on the consuming side they also want to move forward and we can provide solutions!”



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