EBASE functionalities for industrial energy users

Time series Management

Time Series Industrial Energy

Step away from inscrutable databases full of cryptic tags. Using EBASE, you can bring order to chaos by organising your data streams in segments. Quickly find what you are looking for with search fields and filters, easily identify which time series require validation and create validation tasks and export to Excel with one mouse click.

Master data management

Master Data Management

Our solution helps you to manage technical, organisational and operational master data with the flexibility of register tables and upgrade the value of data by creating references between time series and master data.

Portfolio management

Portfolio Management EBASE

With EBASE, you will always have the right data available through automatically created and maintained data structures.
You can easily drill down from a portfolio overview to individual plant level. 

Monitor and analyse all aspects of your operation by choosing any suitable subsection of your portfolio and spot threats and opportunities by directly linking energy market contracts to consumption data.

Time series navigator

Time Series Navigator


With the EBASE Time Series Navigator you can gain insight in your operation by flexibly combining different data sources -such as forecasted and actual production- in one view. It enables you to save frequently used views to have instant accessibility to relevant information. 


Energy Management Reports

With EBASE Reporting you can easily configure reports on energy efficiency, energy procurement, forecast accuracy, etc. using pivot table functionality. You will avoid tedious manual work by scheduling automatic report creation and ensure data validity by working from one central repository.

Dashboards & workflows

Energy dashboard and workflow


Our bespoke dashboard and workflows support your specific business processes. You can improve decision making by adding energy dashboards for near real-time insight for your operators and analysts. By creating automated workflows you can ensure that critical exceptions such as tripping assets are followed up in the best possible way.


EBASE Platform

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Optimization strategies

How to reach your energy optimization goals?